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please help dog situation?

So i was about to go to sleep and looked at my dog , and i saw a bug and it hid so i checked her and found it i immediately thought flea i have never dealt with fleas and i combed her and she had black stuck like sand so i took it out and put coconut oil on where she had them kept checking her from 2:30am till now 5:23am haven’t seen more anymore and now i’m panicking i read on google about dogs getting anemia from it so i freaked out more . please help :( thank you

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    Fleas jump an dont squish, for next time.

  • 5 months ago

    People get dogs and don't know the basic things....they get dogs and don't even know they need to flea them? Poor animal.

  • Anna E
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    5 months ago

    The black stuff is flea dirt, basically flea poop. If your dog has flea dirt, she has a flea problem. You can get rid of fleas by shampooing with regular dog shampoo BUT then get some medication from your vet or maybe even a pet shop to kill and repel the fleas

  • 5 months ago

    For heavens sake, FLEAS are a major problem for dogs and cats, in nearly all areas (carried by rodents, like rats, mice squirrels,and even birds) and dogs must have flea prevention year 'round. If they drink enough blood, yes they can cause anemia.

    Fleas carry & transmit TAPEWORMS. Fleas in some locations in the can carry typhus, anthrax and a number of other diseases transmitable to HUMANS. Protect your pet and yourself => go to the vet and get the best product to kill fleas to either give in pill format, or place on your dog in a spot-on product and use it as REQUIRED on a monthly, or bimonthly or 6 month basis.

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  • 5 months ago

    Put the black stuff into some water. If it turns red as it dissolves, it's flea excrement. Take the dog to the vet and get some flea prevention. I can't imagine what you think coconut oil was going to do.

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