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How will you care for 2 babies 13 months apart?

-Your friend and her partner intentionally spaced their first and second child only 13 months apart.

-Your friend is going for a night out with her partner and her sister-in-law. You have a background as a daycare provider and thus you agreed to care for the babies.

-The small baby is under 1 year old.

-What activities will you do with the babies to entertain them?

-Will you play music at home and get the babies to dance to it?

-Will you model good habits for the big baby, such as sharing, not hitting or biting etc.?

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    Why is it relevant that the 13 month age gap was planned? The parents would probably tell me anything that's relevant about the babies. Playing music sounds a good idea, but how do you get a baby to dance? You could dance , and they may try to copy.

    Model good habits? If the older child tries to hurt the younger one, then I would remove them and say 'no'.

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