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Why are french so rude and racist compared to other nationalities in EU?

I've been working with people all around the world since so many years but I still have the worst experience with French. They can swear at you on your face or the phone without giving a ****. I'm confused. Why is that? Even in hotels you will always see french complaining at their dinner table every time. Why are they like this?

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  • Ala
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    5 months ago

    I grew up in a very French town in the U.S., and none of my family was French. I thought that this behavior was because they didn't like non-French people! I took it personally, because I could never seem to fit in with them. These people were from Quebec, but I see that they might as well have been from France. It wasn't until I moved away at 20 that I figured out their behavior wasn't typical of all human beings. I was still very puzzled as to why they acted the way they did. I can't wait to learn more.

  • 5 months ago

    French people are "pissed off" because they live in a "very expensive country", and American capitalism is "creeping into their culture". Many French business owners who actually "care" about running profitable enterprises have begun imposing 40-hour work weeks on their "lazy j*rk-off employees" who are accustomed to 30 to 36-hour work weeks, and 1-year paid maternity leaves. In the U.S. most Americans are "proud to work" 40+ hours per week, and we love our "lower cost of living". This is something that most French nationals cannot imagine having to "suffer with." In France you have to "pay to use public restrooms" and a 20 oz. bottle of soda costs 5 f**king Euros!

  • 5 months ago

    How many French have you met? As individuals, the number of people we can meet and talk to throughout our lifetime is limited. There's a possibility these French aren't a representative sample of the whole country.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    because France is now full of muslims.

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  • Tangi
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    5 months ago

    I'm sorry for being a racist and rude person just by virtue of being French.

    I'm sorry for being an alcoholic and stubborn person despite not ever drinking any alcohol, just by virtue of being Breton.

    I'm sorry for being loud and lazy just by virtue of being brought up in the south of France.

    I'm sorry for being a troll just by virtue of being on the internet.

    Pick the one you prefer, it's free. Hey, I'm a tall bearded white man with glasses, I'm sure there are some other things we can find about me.

  • Zirp
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    5 months ago

    says someone who paints entire nationalities with the same brush...

  • steve
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    5 months ago

    I think it depends where in France you visit or where they are from.

    I have family in Normandy and close to Brittany and all the people I have come across there are nice, polite and welcoming and will speak in English as soon as they see you are struggling speaking French.

    However, many times I have been to Paris and found them to be ignorant and insulting.

    Even though English is taught as the second language in France Parisiennes will pretend they can't speak it.

    Last year I was in Paris to catch a train to Normandy to visit my sister.

    The Train was cancelled. There was a help point that was labelled in several European languages suggesting the people who worked their could speak them.

    I went to ask what was happening and the girl just came out in French with an explanation. When I said in my basic French that I didn't understand as I was not fluent in French. She came back in perfect English and said well If you can't be bothered to learn French before you come here then I don't speak English.

    Then a young French lady who was wanting the same train to Normandy stepped in and translated for me.

    So not all French are ignorant or arrogant it is primarily those in Paris.

    • fdf4 months agoReport

      How mean the woman at the train station . I don’t understand why some people care so much about other other people’s abilities or inabilities to speak certain languages . Similarly in the U.S. there are people who get outraged when they hear someone speaking a foreign language .

  • 5 months ago

    I find this an interesting stereotype about the French, because France is pretty diverse in itself

    a lot of Parisians get sh.itted on as arrogant pretentious unfriendly snobs by other French people from different regions.

  • Frank
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    5 months ago

    Shithead...the French stereotype is to be RUDE and STICKLERS for everything. It has been like this for CENTURIES. They are assholes. Get over it. Expect it. GIVE IT RIGHT BACK TO THEM! Don't be a pushover.

    Why do you think the Germans were able to CRUSH them during the 2nd World War? They just gave up.

    They don't even ALLOW foreign WORDS to be used in everyday speech. If a "new" word comes on the scene and it becomes a "buzzword"...the French are DETERMINED to make their OWN word for it.

    EMAIL...."courrier électronique" or something similar. EMAIL was not allowed!

  • Mark
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    5 months ago

    I haven't had that experience. I think you are LOOKING for it. (This is also known as "confirmation bias".)

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