UK doesn't have embargo on Iran oil,only to Syria.UK seized 1 Iran tanker in 10 yrs,1 to Syria, at US instruction. Is diplomacy only way out?


Who's to say it was knowingly, on the way to Syria?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Britain made a huge mistake there, in following US instructions on seizing that ship. The US and Israel are pushing towards war, leading Britain in as well. There is no reason for this other than US imperialism and the conquest of the Middle East oil.

    Meanwhile China is much more intelligent in its approach. China is trading with Iran and has built a massive railroad from the east.

    When the US gets its war going, there will have been a massie miscalculation. APart from millions of unnecessary deaths, the US will be faced with Chinese and Russian resistance, and possible world war three, whihc would fry us all much faster than global warming.

    And yes, diplomacy is the only way out, but politicians are too pig-headed, especially the american ones.

    • stephen5 months agoReport

      Jimmy, I am with you - UK has been a foolish pawn - I expect that to be even worse with UK's next Prime Minister, who seeks to be a Populist such as, 'rally the troups/navy, let's go'.

  • 5 months ago

    Diplomacy is always the best way out. However, the Revolutionary Guard are officially a terrorist organisation according to the UN. If the UK needs to escalate matters, we could start sinking any Revolutionary Guard boats that approach international shipping lanes and arrest any survivors we rescue. Then we could hand them over to the ICC in the Hague unless Iran releases Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and other hostages they are holding.

    • stephen5 months agoReport

      Seems a risky strategy - Iran at one pt. had the largest standing army in World - not sure if that is still the case. UK Navy is under-strength - not really, a position to launch too much from.

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    Send in the JWs

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