What would the university housing staff do if you forgot something in your dorm after packing all of your stuff and leaving for the summer?

I ve been looking for a bag of DS games labeled "*my name s* stuff since I got back in May. One possibility is I forgot it there, which doesn t make sense because I usually put everything that belongs together in the same place. I even brought back my two DS es. They would mail it to the resident s address, I m hoping, right?

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  • John
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    2 years ago

    Your first step is to immediately call the proper people at your school, and follow up with emails. While your items may have been disposed of by now, the longer you wait increases the chances of not seeing them again.

  • 2 years ago

    They are not going to hunt you down and send you the games. You need to be proactive. You can contact the lost and found and or housing office and see if anyone turned them in and if they are found, pay to have them sent to you.

    I'm sorry to say that it is very likely that they were either thrown out or taken as a give-away by the cleaning staff.

  • 2 years ago

    Read your university housing's office policy. At mine, any items left in the dorms after the spring term were considered "abandoned" and discarded by the university. The dorm rooms weren't so big that you could really leave anything behind accidentally. I suppose if you had a roommate and you moved out before him, it's possible you missed some things that were behind his stuff, but he probably would have called you and told you had that happened.

    It's more likely that someone stole it at some point when you left the room unoccupied as you were moving your stuff out.

  • Lili
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    2 years ago

    They wouldn't necessarily do anything, unless it were really valuable, and even then, it might just get pocketed by the maintenance staff. If you leave something behind, it's most likely to be tossed out, unless it's something someone else -- like maintenance or cleaning staff -- can use.

    When I was an undergraduate, we had to put things we weren't taking home for the summer but wanted to keep in a locked storage space in our residential colleges. Anything else we'd carelessly left in our rooms? -- well, we couldn't expect to see it again.

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  • 2 years ago

    They sell or dump anything and everything left behind.

    Fact of life, you are responsible for your own possessions.

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