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Need some hair colour advice!!!?

recently got a hair balayage done, having problems with my roots. I naturally have dark brunette hair, decided to get a ashy blonde balayage two weeks ago. I was happy with the ashy blonde hair colour after toner, but told the hairdresser to keep the colour of my roots intact, which stayed brown after the bleach. Then hairdresser applied toner, and when this was washed off, my roots appeared to be a reddish/orange/brown colour. I was very unhappy with this but I had to leave because had a doctors appointment, but I returned few days later to sort out the roots and restore root natural brunette colour. He dyed them brown, then applied toner to the whole hair. I was very pleased with the results, but now (one week later), my roots appear to have an orange/reddish tone, especially under artificial light! How can I solve this problem? Would a purple or blue shampoo work?

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    11 months ago

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  • 11 months ago

    I am not a professional but it’s clear your hair dresser didn’t use enough bleach (I know please stay with me here) I also have natural dark brunette hair and get blonde balayage my hair dresser says she has to bleach it so blonde to lift it past orange (which is the state your hair is in) she then tones it down to the blonde i want it to be. I recommend doing some research and finding a better salon. Best wishes!!

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