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Me and 5 other nationalists were having a peaceful demonstration but it was ruined when I hit a woman in self defence?

We had contacted the city of London police and arranged a meeting point, time and location and it was going to be a peaceful demonstration. We was having a protest about black on white murders in London and highlighting the part that 3/5 interracial murder victims in London are White. So to cut to the chase this ugly south American woman was offended by indigenous White British people protesting for their equal rights and she came over and gave us a bit of mouth, nothing we can't deal with however she snatched my flag out of my hands and damaged it and in self defence I punched her and pushed her away, the crowd got angry after witnessing this and the police ordered that we end our protest early, I think she was planted there by Hope Not Hate if I'm honest with you guys. Do you agree I acted in self defence?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    There are MUCH better ways to make a point and ask a knowledge seeking question, without making up a fake story.

    Troll = FAIL

  • Lili
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    5 months ago

    I agree that you are a troll, dear.

    And not a very clever one.

    By the way, learn how to write the English language correctly if you want to be taken seriously (even as a troll). You British like to claim that you speak and write English better than anyone else in the world, so prove it. I keep seeing bad English from Brits who appear not to have gotten any GCSEs, or at least not one in English.

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