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How did Germans lose WW2 if they were the most powerful army at the time?

The Germans were the most strongest force in the world at the time, they were also the most disciplined,well equipped and organized army.

How did this happen?

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    I think there were at least several reasons such a powerful military like Germany's lost WW2.

    1) German overconfidence and arrogance about their abilities.

    2) Hitler stopped the advance of the German army towards Dunkirk as Goering assures Hitler that the Luftwaffe alone can destroy the British army there. The British send huge numbers of fishing and pleasure boats to Dunkirk and manage to bring over 300,000 British soldiers home and Goering completely fails to destroy them.

    3) The failure to successfully invade Britain. German troops had The British army virtually defenceless as they left all their equipment on the beach at Dunkirk, but instead of invading straight away the Germans stopped for 3 weeks rest allowing Britain to build up its defences and organise their air defence.

    4) Hitler changed from a solid and working plan to wipe out the RAF so his troops could invade after he flew into a rage when Britain bombed Berlin, turning the German Luftwaffe away from destroying the RAF and start revenge bombing on London allowing the RAF time to repair airfields and replace lost planes to a point the RAF was no longer able to be destroyed. This failure to conquer Britain allowed Britain to fight on throughout the war constantly thwarting the German's ability to win. The Germans were forced to keep troops along the French coast and to repel any invasion from Britain which could have been better used in Russia. Britain was to become the launch ground for the British/American attack and eventual invasion of France into Germany.

    5) Hitler who has not captured Britain decided to attack Russia believing it would only take several weeks to destroy the Russian military believing the Russians were an inferior race. The Russians did not do what the Germans expected by coming out as other armies had in one big battle. They ran lines of defence designed to slow the Germans down and trap them in the coming severe Russian winter which brought the German advance to a stop within sight of their targets. The Russians took advantage of the German's inability to move and rebuilt their military coming back at the end of winter with a vengeance.

    Attacking Russia forced Germany to split its forces into 2 fronts one in Russia and one along the French coast to stop the British from invading.

    6) The failure of Germany to capture a source of oil such as the Middle East oil fields controlled by the British leaving Germany desperate for oil by 1944 and making them unable to keep up fuelling their aircraft to put up any real air defence of Germany towards the end of the war even though Germany had some war winning aircraft but no fuel to fly them.

    7) Hitler declaring war on the USA 2 days after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. America did not want to get in the European war but Hitler drew them into it making 3 strong countries they were to find out were stronger than they thought.

    8) Believing their enigma code was unbreakable. British code breakers managed to find a way to break the code and from then on had a good idea of most German activities.

    9) Hitler holding up the delivery of the Jet fighter as he demanded it be made into a bomber for revenge attacks on London. These jet fighters could have turned the war in Germany's favour had they been allowed into production a year earlier.

    10) Hitler's mental state. Hitler had become so powerful no one would go against him as likely they would be shot. Hitler by the end of the war was suffering the long term effects of syphilis which causes mental problems. Hitler's Generals were so scared of his mental state they would lie to him about war matters and Hitler made stupid decisions while directing the war believing German forces were stronger than they really were.

    11) Hitler's obsession with expensive revenge weapons such as the V1 and V2 flying bombs, and the London Gun. These weapons chewed up huge amounts of resources, money and manpower that could have built a much stronger better used conventional military weaponry. Hitler became obsessed with revenge against Britain, overlooking other problems preferring to concentrate on punishing Britain.

    12) Germany's failure to build heavy long range bombers. Their bombers were designed for short range support used in the Blitzkrieg tactics Germany used in the early days of the war. Their bombers could not carry large loads of bombs or carry them the long distances needed to reach the Russian war factories in Eastern Russia. The British and the Americans were destroying German factories limiting Germany's ability to build military equipment yet the German's had no long range bomber to fight back.

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      Hitler was so afraid of the British he ordered the Murder of any British Commando executed and had 300,000 German troops stationed in Norway up to may 1945 doing Nothing

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    Dear friend, it is good that you are interested in history. Give a short answer will not work, but you can read the different versions of these sources.

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    The rest of the world united against them.

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    Peter Gore Seer,

    What Idiot Thinks Germany Lost, The USA Is Flooded With German Jap Goods, Were Is Blinking Britain In The League Table On Its Blinking Bottom.

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    The main reason they lost is their Army and facilities were divided by fighting on two fronts. Also, they underestimated the Russian resolve under Stalin. With one front and no Stalin, they probably would have won

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      If things weren't the same, they would have been different. What an observation!

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    It came down to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour.

    If Japan had attacked Siberia instead of USA, Germany would not have had a double front with USA; rather Russia would have had a double front between Japan and Germany while USA, as was their philosophy, remained in isolation. Germany would have captured Moscow and took control of Russia.

    Basically, Hitler had a stroke of bad luck.

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      Stalin was extremely worried about an attack from Japan. It is well doccumented. When Japan attacked USA it was a great relief to Stalin, who could now concentrate all forces on the western front.

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    Obviously your assertions can be debated because Germany was soundly beaten.

    Germany had a huge advantage taking yrs. to build an army and then attacking first on countries less prepared.

    Germany was beaten before it started because it never had access to enough fuel to keep it's war machine in high enough gear. Even if it had gotten the fuel at Baku, it was still beaten logistically.

    Plus, if you study events f/ the war, Hitler made way too many mistakes. That's what happens when the corporal skips rank and becomes a commander-in-chief who won't listen to people more qualified.

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    Having the best troops and equipment is important but does not guarantee victory. You need to be able to win a battle but also hold the ground, constantly supply the forces, rotate the troops, manufacture the guns bullets, ships, trucks, tanks, and aircraft. You need to constantly research new weapons as the enemy finds countermeasures. You need to keep the homeland economy running and manage the money. Hitler underestimated his foes, stretched his forces thin. He overestimated his nation's industrial might maybe not considering his limited natural resources and the impact round the clock carpet bombing would have on trying to keep factories running.

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    Even German generals had to admit they never encountered fighters like the Americans . There was an American soldier that had accidentally driven into a very large German camp. Instead of panicking and surrendering, he got out of his jeep and walked up to the German commander and said he was there to do the gentlemanly thing and let them surrender as there was a battalion surrounding them. They believed him and surrendered. He then called it in to troops that had no clue the Germans were gathered there. American bravado and balls.

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    Because they were fighting the war on three fronts. In France, in Russia and in North Africa and then Italy. Even the best-equipped army can't keep three fronts adequately supplied.

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    They started a two-front war and tried to take Stalingrad from Stalin. That was basically a war where everybody who went to that front could count on dying. Also the great shortcoming of the German Blitzkrieg method was that they moved fast enough that they outran their supply lines. Then sappers could come in and destroy their ammunition, gasoline and food supplies.

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