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When I feed my dog bones, chicken or beef, he gets dandruff. Should I pay hundreds of dollars to see what’s going on?

He is currently on a salmon diet. Grain free. I recently bought him some probiotic snacks and his skin has been clearing up which is surprising to me, but I don’t know if a probiotic supplement is enough to keep his skin at bay. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you.

He’s a labradoodle. 4 year old

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    Dandruff is a sign of a dry coat; and/or of low thyroid => not a sign of skin allergies. Salmon is a FATTY FISH and nothing is better for a dog's coat than fatty fish. Perhaps you diet of bones, beef & chicken did not provide enough fat or (did not include enough, or any) Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

    If the problem is fixed, there is no reason fro testing unless it returns.

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    Let's see. What would I do if bones gave my dog dandruff? Well, I'd sit down and figure out that the bones were causing the dandruff. Removing the bones from his diet would, in theory, stop the dandruff.

    Then I'd post on Yahoo and see if anyone else came to the same conclusion.

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    If he's on a kibble diet he shouldn't be having chicken bones at all.

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    So don`t give him bones. Try giving him a vitamin E supplement or a bit of coconut oil every day, thats what I was told, but the vitamin E gave my dog loose stools so its coconut oil for mine

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    You should get a doggy Funeral plan because he’s probably gonna DIE

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