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My dog just started levetiractam and is eating much less. Any one else see this?

It is for seizures.


She will be 14 in October.

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    My sister's dog had a problem with seizures and has successfully treated them (he hasn't had one in two years). I emailed her and asked how she has treated him, so you might want to check back here later.

    EDIT: Here's what she said. And FYI, she's not the type of person much given to alternative/holistic health care. "First, I went to a vet who is licensed to practice Eastern Vet Medicine and she prescribed some Chinese herbs, which he has been on ever since. Then, we put him on CBD oil. And I am really careful not to give him anything with Rosemary or Rosemary extract, that can trigger seizures. Finally, if he has a seizure, he gets Haggen Daz vanilla ice cream right after to raise his blood sure level, which gets depleted from a seizure."

    I remember from our previous conversation about it that she said that a lot of dog treats have Rosemary extract in them.

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    Google the drug & it tells you what it does.

    It is for seizures? look it up to see.

    Why didn't you question your Vet? Why did you take the dog in to see the Vet in the first place? & the Vet gave you a diagnosis & gave you a medicine for it. What did your Vet say?

    I don't like second guessing a Vet. I am not qualified.

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    Phone your vet and ask.

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