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Is Windsor Ontario a nice place to live for a family? Things to do? Safety? I like how it’s only a 4 hour drive from both Toronto & Chicago?

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    I never found much to commend Windsor - from a dog-showing point of view. Places have changed, a lot, since we left Canada however. But isn't it about where the JOBs are as much as anything. We found the area to the North and West of Toronto far more attractive with the rolling countryside. Mind you we did get socked-in during the Winter!! We spent many years in or around Bolton.

    When there, safety wasn't an issue, even for a woman in downtown Toronto but as always using common sense helps. Don't put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

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    I wouldn't go so far as to call it nice, at least not compared to other cities in Ontario. It's kind of run down, in fact.

    As for safety, that's a matter of perspective. It's certainly safer than Detroit, but so are several third world countries.

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    It's a relatively inexpensive city to live in compared to living in Toronto or elsewhere within the general GTA and surrounding areas.

    But only you can decide whether it is a "nice place" or not. If you are interested in moving there, why not take a few days to go and explore Windsor and the surrounding areas to see if it is right for you...

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    In my opinion, it is an ugly city, and super hot, and humid in the summer. The area isn't too bad, but, Windsor itself is kind of depressing, IMHO.

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