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What should I do about a roommate who's stealing my stuff and messing in other people's business?

I had clothes in the dryer last night. For some reason he thought it was his responsibility to wait for it to finish them throw my stuff down when he's not even doing laundry. My favorite pair of workout shorts suddenly disappeared. They were in the wash and I remember having them in the dryer when it locked. He can't get much use out of them anyway since they're for people with a booty and quads. I could offer some towels for him to stuff in them to add some shape.

This little d1pshit has also canceled another roommate's Wi-Fi, moved other people's stuff around and is clearly high on meth or cocaine.

He's been there for a week. The other roommates have all been there for months. He's already p1ssed off everyone and we all want him to leave.

He's 45 and I'm 26, so he thinks he can lecture me about what I'm doing with my life and condescend me. However, I actually have a job and I'm not smooching off "disability" so I can do drugs all day and I never got fired because I failed a drug test.

I'm going to confront him later. He'll probably deny it. Then I'll call him a dumb@ss d1psh1t who needs to stop messing in other people's stuff and stop being high and a nuisance. Im just undecided if I should beat his @ss over this or the next time he messes with my stuff.

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  • 11 months ago

    kick him out and call the police...hes gonna slash your tires so be careful

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  • 11 months ago

    Some dipsh1t moved this question to the RELIGION forum, so I feel obligated to give an answer tainted by religion.

    Christian Bible claims that JESUS promised that ANYTHING asked of the Father in the Name of Jesus WILL BE GIVEN.

    So, ask of the Father that this room-mate should win an ENORMOUS amount of money in the lottery, and move OUT of your humble abode, into a luxurious residence.

    Post an update, let us know if that worked worth a shLt.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Are you asking this here because the lowlife you're dealing with is a christian?

    Just curious.

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  • 11 months ago

    Evict him, if you need to get the landlord or the police involved then do so.

    No point in beating him up, that won't change him and might lead to more nasty retaliation.

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