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God is a liar and I'm done with him?

GOD is not good he hates me and wants me to be homeless for the rest of my life. I've been homeless since a youth and I just turned 30 two months ago and all of this is starting to take a toll on me. I lost out on my youth because of life and the crap that I've been going thru. Every time I think my life is getting better if gets worst. I even asked GOD go reveal certain things to me at one point and I received confirmation many times but that was about it. He doesn't won't to see me happy and he likes the fact that I'm struggling and lonely in life. I try to do good things unto others like he want but it just never benefits me in any way. It puts me back 10 miles. I don't like God at all he made a fool out of me and if I would have known all this I would have never got baptized 3 years ago. I was a fool for his love and his favor.

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    Like with job, sometimes the only way to explain why things happen is to realize that there is a war going on in which we have no part.

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    god is poop and the big dumb

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    You should not blame God. When my finances are down I talk to God with respect and I ask Him wisdom. Imagine you shout and say offensive things to Trump. Do you think Trump would like or help you? Would you help someone that is offending you and calling you a liar? Did you see on the news when Macron from France called the Brazilian President of liar? The Brazilian President refuse to talk to him or accept any help because of the lack of respect? And both are Presidents. God is much higher than a human President. Joseph spent a long time in jail and Job lost everything, the people of Israel walked 40 years by tge desert to reach the Promissed land and fighting for it. The Kingdom of God is for the people who put their trust in God only no matter how long and how hard it gets.

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    Have you maybe thought you're probably not praying to God and associating partnership with Him?

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    Did you have a question?

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    Been there.

    God usually slaps my face with a big sign that says "Uh uh, little girl. Change your tone."

    I've literally quit gambling because I'm the sorest loser at losing. 😄 And will rebuke.

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    earth is satan's domain

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    If you say so......

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