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How come people think that I am immature for blaming my arrests on me not being able to move to a major city that's better for the disabled?

So I recently got arrested multiple times including the door bell incident and shop lifting and etc. I have my house on the market and I told people that the reason why I got arrested is because I haven't moved away yet and that the cops hates me and is trying to pin me with everything that they can think of. I want to move to a major city like san francisco, los angeles, atlanta or houston because I feel like I will have a better life over there and that people over there are more sympathetic for people who have autism and people who have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia like me. I have strong symptoms of schizophrenia including paranoia and mood swings, hearing voices and violent outbursts. I live in a crappy trump supporter state and I hate it here so much. Any other state is better than my state even if it is republican because the south is racist and ignorant. My friends told me that I am a prick and says me not moving yet has nothing to do with my arrests and says my arrests is results from me being stupid like the doorbell prank. Well I felt depressed so I needed to do something to feel better so I did that. Everyone says I'm blaming my family for not being able to move. Well My arrests is really all because I can't move yet and the cops hate me and are coming after me with everything they can. I might go vandalize their cop cars and then go on the run. How come people think it's immature to blame my arrests on this ? Why don't believe the cops here are corrupted ??

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    Your "arrests" if they ever happend are not the fault of anybody but yourself. You've been proudly posting of your trespasses, credit card fraud, shoplifting and other assorted anti social behaviors for years.

    "Your house?" What did you put your parents house up for sale? Or did they?

    Mental issues are not a get out of jail free card and being an azzhole is not a disability, jacob.

  • 4 months ago

    you don't own a house to put on the market......

    move to NYC...they know how to handle brats.

    YOU DO NOT HAVE PARANOIA..not schizophrenia type paranoia....paranoia is delusional feelings of people coming after you to unjustly harm you even when you are are not innocent.....your claims that people are out to get you because you are a brat are not paranoia.....

    if you really do what you say you do, people are supposed to be after you......anyone coming after you is justified.....even if your stories are fake.

    AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO PROVE IT. you know how to post pics....get a legal document that describes what you did, black out your name, address and post least give the real STATE you live in....

    if what you are saying is true, the cops are bad, they should have put you in jail long ago

    • SimplytheFACTS
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      NONSENSE..if you black out your name.b day, etc and just post the charge it will not id you....

  • 4 months ago

    " I have my house on the market "

    Since when do you have a house? Per your previous fantasies, you've been living in your parent's house, have no job and spend the majority of your time cross-dressing, obsessing over K-Pop singers, and taking video footage of elevators.

    Source(s): The rabbit hole is getting pretty deep at this point
    • Jacob4 months agoReport

      well our house is on the market, I'm trying to get far away from here as possible, from those damn sheriff deputy cops.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    If you are so mentally ill that you are claiming you can't control your illegal behavior, then you should be institutionalized. Yes, it is immature to place blame for your choices on anything other than yourself.

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  • audrey
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    4 months ago

    You need to be locked up in a mental hospital until they can help you. You could have a whole new, better life when you get out.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You're too mentally insane to even go to jail. They should put in a mental hospital with daily counseling. Hopefully after that some agencies might help you find good deals on housing in your Dream State

    • Jacob4 months agoReport

      Yes it is, I've gotten out of going to jail for making a bomb threat as a minor and its the same attorney who handled the case. This door bell thing is a petty crime compared to a bomb threat.

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