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Is it okay to just have food items just for me and not my boyfriend?

We've been living together over a year now and what I discover is that I buy drinks etc. and he goes through whatever I buy faster than I have a chance to even consume it myself!!!

He replaces it, yes, but only to continue consuming it on his own because"he bought it."

I asked him is it ok if I just buy something for ME that's JUST mine - since things tend to last longer for me personally (like a container of iced tea, fruit juice or a bag of chips - he finishes that stuff in 1-2 days and I make them last about a week!)

He said it's mean of me to buy things just for myself and to put my name on it so he doesn't touch it, but the truth is I want to ENJOY what I purchased for many days and when he gets into it, it's gone in no time.

It really is petty, but why not have my own "stash" of drinks? Sometimes I come home wanting a certain drink or snack that I bought and there's a tiny bit left for me.

He doesn't replenish what he consumes BEFORE I get home to make up for it.

We definitely buy food together and cook together and share a lot of food in general as couples do. I'm only wanting one or two drinks or food items for myself to have on the side - like my own can of soda. Is that selfish?

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    No, it is NOT selfish. He is using you to keep him up, seems like. If he won't change, stop buying more than one at a time, and using it up before he has a chance to "cob onto it" and use it up without regard to you.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    What needed to be done long ago, was that you needed to explain that you wanted specific food items in the house that are always there for you exactly when you decide to eat them. Not for him to eat and then replace AFTER you wanted something and found out ut was gone because he ate it.

    His mother probably provided endless food for him, so he's not used to getting what he likes, for himself.

    If you must, just to make a point, then don't buy ANYTHING, and let him eat up everything, and let him learn to provide for himself as he empties the supply and when he wants something, he gets nothing, until he goes and gets more.

    Yes, you'll have to suffer, but in the process, you'll be teaching him an important lesson. And don't mention your suffering or your displeasure. And don't react to HIS complaining if there is no snacks. Just curtly tell him to pick up more of whatever he desires, and say no more. It's called training. And maybe a dose of "tough love".

    Good luck.

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  • 10 months ago

    Just think, if he eats all that sugary, junky food you buy and you don't get any, then HE is the one who is going to develop diabetes, not you

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  • 10 months ago

    Get another fridge and put a lock on it.

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  • drip
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    10 months ago

    No, not selfish at all. He should understand that he should snarf all the food. He is the one not sharing

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  • 10 months ago

    I don't know, this guy sounds a bit self centered and inconsiderate.

    NOT good husband material if you ask me.

    Buy TWO six packs of drinks, and say "This one is YOURS, and the other one is MINE. If he can't handle that, dump him.

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