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My violin’s label is fake, but the quality of the violin is impeccable?

The label of the violin says “Ettore Soffritti 1923” and it’s plainly fake. It doesn’t even look like a good quality fake label! But, the violin itself is fantastic. It has a rich yet sweet sound that, personally, sounds better than some strands. When I pluck a string it rings for about 12 seconds (sound fading the whole time but not completely). I love this violin and I play it every day, but I want to get it appraised for insurance value. It’s not a Soffritti but it could be something else, right? Even if it’s not a “well known maker” it is the best violin I’ve heard and such a beautiful one too. It has sentimental value and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.. I’d just like to know.

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    What is a 'strand'? When have you ever been in a room where a Stradivarius was being played, to say that yours sounds 'better'?

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    Search for violin appraisers. Inquire first about the fee. And perhaps start with a more local and humble violin shop, before you swan into a fancy place, only to be told that your beloved violin might be Special to you, but it's no big deal.

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    If there's a question here, I missed it...

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