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The best end ?

we are in World War II shortly after the Normandy landings ,and three British military women traveling in a jeep, and after a bombing they see a German car that travels uncontrollably and crashes into a tree,his driver is dead and the passenger door opens ,and a dazed German general low of the vehicle before the astonished gaze of the three women .

What would you like to happen now?

A) they hide behind trees and just watch

B) they flee from there in their jeep

C) The general when seeing them, flees from there.

D) both the general and the women flee

E)The general removes his Luger pistol and shoots the women killing all three

F)The general removes his Luger pistol and at gunpoint forces them to go with him towards the German lines

G)The three women struggle with the general, and he kills them with his Luger pistol

H) the three women struggle with the general , they take off his Luger pistol and they kill him with it

I) the three women struggle with him, they take off his pistol Luger and threatening him with the pistol and take him away with them in his jeep to the allied lines

J) The three women struggle with him and kill the general hitting him with a stone on his head

K) the women struggle with the general, who finally escapes from them and flees from there

L) the woman who drives the Jeep stomps on the gas and runs the General over and kill him

M) Other

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  • 6 months ago

    Sadly there's a fatal flaw in your story. At the time of WW2 female soldiers were not sent to the front line. So they wouldn't have been there.

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  • Erik
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    6 months ago

    I, is the right thing to do.

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