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What is the best kind of pole to put a tv antenna on?

I want to put my tv antenna outside for better reception (it's in my attic, right now). I am wondering what type of pole would be sturdy and safe?

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    For a chimney mount, use a standard kit as "Daniel K" says. Typically something like a 1" tube if it's short and a smallish antenna, or a 1 1/4" tube for a bigger / taller setup.

    If you mean a ground-mounted pole, then you need something like heavy duty aluminium scaffold pole - 2" diameter and 1/4" wall.

    Something like that can take up to about 20 ft between the fixing brackets and antenna. If you need it taller, you can use pipe coupling sleeves but you then also need a high steady bracket if it's against a wall, or guy wires to hold it upright.

    A typical coupler for 2" scaffold masts:

    You can go to 60ft with heavy duty scaffold tube and a proper guy wire rigging setup.

    This is a tilt-over version that someone built to take a ham radio antenna:

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  • 6 months ago

    Get a standard antenna mount that is available everywhere:

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