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have you noticed that the most free-think people agree that mob rule and democracy are flawed?

im not talking about famous philosophers from the past, if you talk to people today that criticize the notion of democracy and the idea that everyone is equal tend to see it as flawed??

the fact is that society is full of sh.tty ignorant people, and giving influence to the majority, which is mostly sh.tty ignorant people does not make progress in society.

the fact is that your average person in this world does not understand what is best for society to progress and change so if you give the average person, which is the majority the right to vote, they will most likely have no idea why they chose that person in the first place


I am not saying we should give no respect for mankind but the fact is that your average person is just ignorant regardless of circumstances.

the select few individuals that are smart, intelligent, and the ones that know whats best for society are a minority and since they the minority, democracy oppresses their values

Update 2:

that is why I believe voting rights should only be given to select few individuals. the intellects that proven they have a track record of knowing whats best.

that means that there should be at least an education requirement. at least a college education, as well as experience in the political sphere. or a college educated someone that has some experience with community efforts, social issues ,

also the age of voting should be higher than 18. most 18 year olds are stupid naive kids.

Update 3:

just look today at all the dumb leftists that worship bernie thinking he is the figure of change. most of these leftists cannot even think for themsleves

and look at all the dumb trump supporting sheep that think trump is the daddy savior to america. they are a bunch of ignorant mob related sheepish retards

Update 4:

I was wrong once.

its defined as a republic, but they still have some notions of democracy.

its more of a flawed democracy in my opinion, because people still can vote as long as they are 18 and a citizen of the u.s

Update 5:

@I was wrong once.

the influence of western style democracy exists across all western nations

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  • Foofa
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    12 months ago

    That is clearly what the Framers of the US Constitution thought...hence the Electoral College.

  • 12 months ago

    I think that humanity is slightly too dumb for Democracy on average. That's why we still have it, but it's dysfunctional. Not enough people pay attention to politics and those who do often live in political bubbles where they're ignorant of many sides of an issue.

  • 12 months ago

    Yes, pretty much every dictator agrees with that. They want to rule by themselves and not allow either mob rule or democracy.

  • Most free-think people would rather live anywhere except the USA

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  • 12 months ago

    Well the US is a Republic, not a Democracy, and majority does not rule. If it did, Trump would not have been elected.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    No I don’t agree

  • Yavan
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    12 months ago

    The average person goes to work, watches a bit of mindless T.V. goes to sleep.

    "The most convincing argument against democracy is a 15 minute conversation with the average voter"

    Winston Churchill.

    But Churchill also believed in democracy in the end.

    "The worst system, except for all the other ones".

    I still have utopian dreams of an educated populace.

    There is no such thing as a right wing populist. So-called right wing populists flatter the delusions of the people in order to manipulate them

    The populists are on the left wing. They want an educated populace that understands their interest.

    And yes, we are talking about old books.

    If it's philistine, it won't work either.

    Chomsky recalls being raised around blue collar workers who would read Shakespeare at dinner.

    The conservative active denigration of higher culture is no accident.

    Participation in higher culture is an instant access to the highest classes of humanity.

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