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Is it strange to want to everything about someone you're fascinated by?

For some reason I get very fascinated by people, whether it be comedians, movie stars, or authors. I'm compelled to try to get to know their personality and everything about them.... just to see what they were like as a person.. Is that weird?

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    1 year ago
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    I don't think it's strange (unless you reach psycho levels, using his pictures as wallpaper, stalking him, etc...) We all get dazzled by something someone does, and want to learn more about that person, to maybe get a bit of that "flame".

  • 1 year ago

    thats normal, its happened to me before

  • Blearg
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    1 year ago

    Special interests are not uncommon. Some people memorize books worth of data on baseball stats or ancient Mesopotamia. Some are more interested in people. As long as you are respecting the person as a human being by relying on data that is either common knowledge or part of an interview or other information they've offered up, I think it's more than fine. Some sources are more exploitative, and should be avoided not only due to being against a persons consent, but also because gossip magazine style information often lacks journalistic integrity and can intentionally misinform. Who wants to muddle bad information with good?

    All that said, it seems to be more taboo than some other interests because obsessions with information about specific people are often conflated with predatory and stalkerish behavior, but those things don't ever have to meet. Most fans never do anything creepy. They just want to understand something cool, even if the cool thing happens to be another person.

  • 1 year ago

    How odd? Maybe if this was normal people would make money from reality TV shows.

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