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Should I move in with my father?

My mothers house is huge, but the boiler has been broken for four years and the house is growing with mould. My mother struggles for money and constantly looks after her 30 year old daughters son, who leaves mess everywhere and distracts me from my studies with his loud noise. My mother also has no sense of personal space and feeds me all kinds of awful and unhealthy meals, which i’m not proud of. I am only thirteen and my dad is offering me a good life at his home and instead I visit my mother at the weekend, where I can concentrate and not live in a house that looks like a tip. What should I do?

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    It sounds like you already know your answer. Your mother is struggling with her responsibilities; apparently she feels the need to tend to her grandson at the cost of providing you the nurturing environment you need. You should move to your father's house until such time as your mother gets control of her difficulties; at such time, you can re-evaluate whether or not to move back to your mother's or simply stay where you are.

    Best wishes.

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    Go to your dad's. You need to be able to concentrate on your studies so you can have a decent life!

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    12 months ago

    i would move in with him

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    you're 13 so you don't get to make decisions on your own.

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