What are music lyrics called in Mexico?

What are lines and lyrics of music called in Mexico?


Well a Mexican friend was asked and they said music lyrics in their country are called phrases. So......I'm not sure what they meant. They also call music bands (groups) .... music teams. That is curious as well.

Update 2:

I'm not asking what lyric means in Spanish. I am trying to find out why Mexican Americans we know have no earthly idea why we call lines of a song lyrics. They call them music phrases. In America phrases = sentences.

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  • 10 months ago
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    The nearest I can come up with is: Letra de la canción - Words of the song.

    "Phrase" is also used in music terminology in English language.


    It's not explicitly a sentence, by the way, but often a smaller grouping of words - or sounds.

    Song lyrics are basically poems set to music & I'd guess the Spanish translation of "lyrics", if there is a literal one, would relate to "poesía".

    Spanish has it's own words relating to songs & music which do not directly translate to English, eg. Corrido, which on it's own translates as "run"... Presumably a "flow of words", or something like that.


    A lot of languages do not have exact matches of all words to other languages, so descriptions of more abstract concepts may be a combination of words that separately mean different things.

    The further you go from Latin-rooted languages the more fundamental differences you find, if trying to understand translations & learns, as a native English speaker.

    It's presumably the same for people from Asia etc. trying to learn English.

    (I like studying languages & trying to work out how different words & meanings came about).

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  • 10 months ago

    letras de musica

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  • 10 months ago


    (they speak Spanish in Mexico)

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