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Can someone check my answers? a. Ba2+, Mn2+ are present b. Mn2+ is present c. Mn2+ is present?

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    So, your final answer would be that Mn2+ is the only one of these ions present in the solution. For each part, it would be better to say:

    a. Hg22+ is not present

    b. Ba2+ is not present

    c. Mn2+ is present

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    Ion analysis.....

    BaCl2 and MnCl2 are both soluble.

    MnSO4 is soluble.

    Hg2Cl2(s), Hg2SO4(s), and BaSO4(s) are insoluble

    Hg(s) and HgO(s) form where one would expect Hg2(OH)2

    Ba(OH)2(s) is slightly soluble, a precipitate will depend on the ion concentration

    Mn(OH)2(s) is insoluble

    Hg2^2+ + 2Cl- --> Hg2Cl2(s)

    Ba2+ + Cl- --> no reaction

    Mn2+ + Cl- --> no reaction

    If there is no precipitate when Cl- added, there is no Hg2^2+ present.

    Ba2+ + SO4^2- --> BaSO4(s)

    Mn2+ + SO4^2- --> no reaction

    If there is no precipitate when SO4^2-, added, there is no Ba^2+ present.

    Mn2+ + 2OH- --> Mn(OH)2(s)

    Since a reaction occurred with OH-, then Mn2+ must be present.

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