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How come people blame my hobby and says it is the main reason why I lose friends and have legal troubles when I have disabilities?

So everyone seems to attack my hobby and they don't understand that I have autism and so I am different from others. My friend hank last night attacked me again about my hobby of filming elevators. He says he doesn't film elevators anymore cause it is weird and stupid and he says he doesn't get why I still film elevators when I am literally 28 years old. He says it is a childish hobby and that I am acting like a kid doing it. He brought up about me having a meltdown last year when I went with pat on a trip to nashville and I had a meltdown cause he wouldn't let me film an elevator that I wanted. Hank says pat cutted me off cause he couldn't stand my immatureness and says he wants to associate with people who are mature and says that I am incredibly immature. Hank says no one should associate with you when you act like this. He told me to quit my hobby and says he thinks that I didn't learn a lesson at all by being arrested a few weeks ago. I don't get why he is so concerned about me filming elevators. He thinks that my hobby is going to get me into even more serious trouble. I am so tired of him thinking these things. I also don't get why he is so worried about what I do with my life. Why is he so worried about what I do with my life when I am 28 and can do whatever I want ?? Why does he think that I act immature by filming elevators and that it drives people away ??? Why does he think that this hobby of mine is wrecking my life ???

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    Jacob, if you don’t change you will end up alone, broke and possibly homeless. You will have nothing! You are on a dead end street, turn around.

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    AGAIN, you can PROVE your stories by posting a legal document showing what you are charged with. Black out your last name (although you have name on your youtube channel--but you could be lying about your name), address, city....only leave the text showing what you are charged with....the same things you have 'admitted' on here....that will not identify you....

    i thought you were 29.

    you still have not explained why you are allegedly diagnosed with do not have 'paranoia'

    paranoia is when you have DELUSIONS that people are unjustly after you and targeting you even though you are innocent.....if what you are saying is true, people are supposed to after you.

    your stories are too bizarre to be true......


    post discharge papers from when you were allegedly given the choice of jail or hospital...leave your 1st name, date, reference to psych eval.

    you say you have been criminally charged....just leave the charge showing......

  • You are wrecking your life. Stop blaming other things.

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    We are all different. Shame he cannot understand they he had been just like you.

    Pray to GOD and ask GOD for an answer here.

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    We've explained this to you many times before.

    It's obvious that you can't understand why almost everyone sees your hobby as weird, immature and eccentric. But you need to accept that they DO.

    The fact is that most people would never want to be friends with, or date, or have a relationship with someone whose hobby was filming elevators. They are of absolutely NO interest to almost everyone in the world.

    And you really do need to try to understand what you did which caused you to be arrested and make sure that you don't ever do it again.

    Your friend is trying to stop you getting into real trouble. Listen to him.

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