Confused if daydreaming about women (when in the fantasies i'm mostly a guy) is gay in any way.?

Im still a teenager so I haven't had any dating experience but as a girl lately Ive been daydreaming about other girls quite a lot. (Much more than I do for men thats for sure)

They're always a girl character from a show or movie Im watching and its normally just within a scenario that fits within that shows/movies universe. But its hardly ever actually with me in it, its almost always this other male character I make up in my head to "date" the girl I've been fantasying about.

I'm just confused if I should maybe question a few more things is all, thank you for your time.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    That “fake girl” is the perfection version you imagine of yourself. So, no, it’s completely normal.

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