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Should the USA erase from history books, education and movies any mention of the Slave Trade?

Brazil is the example we should follow. I appreciate that the Portuguese have erased all memories of the Slave Trade and the Portuguese had more blacks given to them than the USA. The past is done.

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  • snafu
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    6 months ago

    It’s the sort of thing the Soviet Union would do. Given Trumps nationalistic fascination with all things authoritarian and love in bromance with Putin. There’s never been a better time for scrubbing out history.

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  • 6 months ago

    Brazil is just following the example of Texas, which erased the word slaves and replaced it with "workers."

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It seems a recurring theme in history that political movements and culture shifts of the relative time attempt to erase historical facts, whether for political, cultural or religious reasons.

    There’s nothing new, original or even righteous to the current trends occurring in the US in attempts to re write history, whether that’s from the left or the right ( as both sides seem keen on collective denial) Fortunately we live in a global era with the internet, so those who seriously wish to seek the truth can. Unfortunately people seem to have an incredible ability to brain wash themselves without any need for assistance

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  • 6 months ago

    There's a small misconception implied in the question. It doesn't feel good, to think or talk about it. So, erase it? No. Essentially it was a national disgrace for a hundred years. You don't just clap and the light goes off. It will give its due, to students of American History.

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  • oikoσ
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    6 months ago

    Was it Santayana who said, "People who do not study history are doomed to repeat it."? Whoever said it, it's good advice.

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  • blu
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    6 months ago


    Historical accuracy is crucial moving forward because education helps to prevent a repeat of mistakes.

    It's important to have the past in perspective for posterity which includes text books, museums etc.

    'Swept dirt' under the rug is still in a place to contaminate the environment ... dispose of properly.

    America has people glorifying confederate relics even though the relics are symbolic of slavery/racism/treason. That's problematic too.

    Texas v. White, (1869), U.S. Supreme Court case in which it was held that the United States is “an indestructible union” from which no state can secede. ... In 1861 the state seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy.

    The south had a choice in 1861 to challenge the Constitutionality of secession or starting a treasonous war by firing on Ft. Sumter. They chose war to preserve their racist institution of slavery. It's all there in the history books recording the south's heinous actions.

    The racists would LOVE to erase certain chapters in history and start new ones hoping for a different result.


    When a TD comes up fast under these conditions I get motivated. I figured you were just BSing us so I did a search. I'm correct and you're probably a racist because racists are so obsessed by race they are compelled to questions like this..

    "Portugal confronts its slave trade past"

    Planned monument in Lisbon sparks debate over race and history.

    By PAUL AMES 2/6/18, 4:01 AM CET Updated 2/12/18, 10:22 AM CET

    LISBON — Over five centuries after it launched the Atlantic slave trade, Portugal is preparing to build a memorial to the millions of Africans its ships carried into bondage.

    Folks- Always be suspicious when someone manufactures some BS that promotes a racist agenda. These people are desperate to accentuate their white supremacy.

    All that's missing is for Mr. bluface to admit being right wing. We know misinformation and lies are their strong suit too. The q is predicated on fallacy ... why?

    Trump’s Prodigious Lying Threatens Our Democracy

    Even after 10,000 falsehoods, many in the media find themselves unable to call a president who lies a liar.

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