Did John and Paul have better harmony than Don and Phil?

I was telling my friend that I preferred Don and Phil because they had similar voices and their harmonies blended so well. They could sign just about anything and it sounded right.

John and Paul were great as well. Paul had a higher voice so you can definitely tell he was the higher harmony compared to Phil cause Phil was more quieter but never outshone Don.

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  • Danny
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    5 months ago
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    No, just different. Both did fine for a pair. Don & Phil were basically "country boys" who were a core "rockabilly" group, using classic bluegrass-top harmony. John & Paul could take some of that on, but did songs that went far away from it, too. Both had great days.

    Going past pairs, bands like CSN&Y, The Eagles, et al, pretty much raised the bar on fine harmonies, and in the context of powerful songs. "Duets" still come and go, as they're good. I wish "boy bands" just went.

    For a sample of what a duet can do, try Kennedy-Rose. They went low, they went high, and they just nailed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwZ2ySDicvw

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