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Is it ok for a hospital to dismiss a patient because they can’t identify a diagnosis?

Even though their symptoms are a threat to their life?

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    The hospital often does discharge a patient when they don't have a clear diagnosis for several reasons. One, because they've run all the tests they can think of and nothing stands out. Two, the patient doesn't have insurance (or doesn't have very good insurance), so they know they won't get paid. Three, the hospital is crowded, and they need the beds for patients they know are really sick. It's not always the best practice to follow, especially when the patient in question REALLY is ill. Not every illness shows up on standard tests, and the ones that do don't always show up the first time they're done. But, with that being said, sometimes, a patient can safely be discharged and follow up with their regular M.D.

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    If a person's life is in danger, he or she would not be discharged.

    If there is no physical cause for the symptoms i.e. everything checks out normally, he or she will be discharged.

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    Yes, if they can't do anything more for the patient. Clearly, if the patient has to be on a machine to keep their heart pumping or to keep them breathing, the hospital won't discharge them. But if the doctors can't identify a cause for the symptoms, or a treatment, there's really no point in the patient being there. And the doctors will probably assume that the cause is psychological.

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    No, the hospital should be working towards getting a diagnosis rather than dismissing the patient.

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    Do you mean discharge?

    If there is no reason for them to be in hospital, then yes, it's fine.

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