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Is there life on the sun?

I was wondering, is it possible that there is life on the sun? I mean think about it. There is life on the ocean, underground, in the arctic. So why wouldn't there be life on the sun with animals that adapted to the environment? Maybe we can't see them because the sun is too bright.

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    There is no scientific reason to think there is life on the sun - the temperature makes all matter into a plasma so there is nothing that would be solid or even semi-solid.

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    time for a joke? the electric bill for running the air conditioner would be so large, congress would have to go there and determine if the cost was justified.

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    Nah. Too hot - atoms are ionized, and can't join together to form complex molecules, so... no life forms.

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    When living organisms evolve to the point where they can exist inside of a nuclear blast furnace, then we might find them on the sun.

    The sun CANNOT support any form of life. Single atoms and subatomic particles are the only thing that are present.

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    No, not that we know if, BUT

    what if stars ARE life forms? I do not mean life forms in or on stars. Admittedly multicellular organisms have symbionts and parasites, but what if stars are sentient life forms, like they are in the first book if the "A Wrinkle in Time" series?

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    Personally I wouldn't rule it out, but I suspect I'm in a small minority. The reason I say this is that plasma has structure in a way gas hasn't. It can form sheets and filaments for example, and that's a step on the way to resembling living cells, with an internal environment separated from the outside.

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    One word for an answer,,"impossible". Even hydrogen atoms have a hard time living there, why their nuclear fusion changes them to helium making this tremendous heat. The helium cant leave,so is recycled back to hydrogen.

    There are cold spots affectionately called sun spots, and they are hot enough to vaporize tungsten, the stuff used to make light bulbs.

    Water bears are probably the most indestructible form of known life, I mean they live in volcanoes all dehydrated and shriveled,,a little water and presto, back to crawling around.

    They could not possibly survive even 10,000 miles from the suns shell called corona.

    Since the Israeli probe crash on the moon, those tiny water bears are crawling around on the moon just fine.

    Yea, there is life on the moon,,but not on or in the sun.

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    remotely possible, was the theme of several SciFi stories that I can recall.

    Actually IN the sun, not ON the sun.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Nahhhhhhhhh. Well maybe but to me, nope

  • Anonymous
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    it's life, jim, but not as we know it.

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