What is your rising sign,sun moon and mercury sign and which zodiac sign you get along well?

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    I do not care to give out my personal information, PLUS how I interact with others (astrologically-speaking) is NOT determined by the Signs.

    But, instead by the specific distances that any of my 10 planets and Ascendant may be from any of YOUR 10 planets and Ascendant.

    These distances, creating either harmonious or discordant interactions between my needs and yours, are called "synastry aspects" and these are much narrower distances than the breadth of a Sign, so you cannot use the Signs to find the distances.

    In fact, if you have your Moon at 2 degrees of Aries, any planet between 24 Pisces and 10 Aries will "conjunct" your Moon and form a strong interaction. But a planet further along through Aries, say at 20 Aries, will NOT interact with your Moon.

    Note, though, that all synastry comparisons have some "aspects" that create harmony between one of your needs and one of their needs, and some that create discord between needs. Just as all real relationships end up having conflict too.

    So what makes a relationship last is now how attracted they are, or how much they love each other, but how well the two of them can handle their own upset and how well they can overcome the discordant influences shown in the synastry. This depends entirely on how emotionally mature they have become, and the birthcharts cannot show that.

    Astrology is only an influence on us and does not control us. It shows how we are likely to be IF we do nothing to change, grow, or mature.

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