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What can I do to help fight climate change?

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    1. Conserve energy. Don't blast the AC at home or the office. When you drive, keep your tires inflated, combine trips, don't accelerate rapidly, and don't speed. If possible, carpool, take public transportation, or even walk/bike. Replace incandescent light bulbs with more efficient bulbs (CFL, LED, etc.) and turn them off when you're not using them.

    If you can afford it, there are other ways you can save energy (and, over time, money). Buy energy efficient appliances. Buy a hybrid. Insulate your home. Buy insulating windows.

    2. Go green. If you can *really* afford it, look into solar panels and geothermal energy.

    3. Raise awareness. Get informed on the issue of climate change. Contact your representatives and let them know this is important to you. And don't forget to vote.

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    Investing in solar energy helps with

    climate change by using the natural

    energy from the sun.

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    Though climate change is not easy . but if you fight climate change you must be follow some steps such as, planting tree more and more , creation good environment .

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    Electric cars literally don't help ANYTHING

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    By changing your ways first

  • JimZ
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    You might want to try to fight something you can actually affect. It is like you are in the park and fighting the wind. You can yell at the wind all you want and blame others for it but in the end it is better to just enjoy the breeze.

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    Call your congressional reps and give 'em hell for doing squat....

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    Climate is always changing. There will be those who argue that it is humans doing it. It is not a worry unless highs go up every year after year. We do pollute badly and eco-systems suffer because of it. Clean that up.

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    Make a sign and go to a protest march.

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    There has been climate change, up, down, up, down for all eternity and will continue until the end of time. God is in control, NOT MAN.

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    Well I drive an electric car, but not to save the world. It gets about 120 miles on the same energy that gets a gas car maybe 30 miles. Americans think it might cost them $20 per month to not pollute. Actually we would need to have $10 gas, a 100% increase in utility costs and a 50% increase in everything else.

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