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Really scared I might be going deaf?

Okay, so about 3 weeks ago, I went to an ENT place. My hearing was tested by a doctor of audiology and she said that my hearing was within normal range. The other doctor checked my ears and said there was no fluid or anything behind them, yet I still felt like they were blocked a little. Also, i want to mention that I have been wearing ear plugs so i don't know if thats thats been causing it.

Whenever people talk or after they talk i should say, I hear roaring in my ears. I also hear this crackling or buzzing noise. Sometimes I can't take the sound. I can still hear pretty well and the test came back normal, but I am really scared. Also, i did wear headphones a lot because i always felt like people were talking negatively about me.

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  • donnie
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    12 months ago

    Then you need to see a audiologist.

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