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Is good pay the only reason to stay at a job you hate?

I have been a 911 dispatcher for about 3 months now and although the pay is great, I really hate the job and everything about it. This was something that just fell into my lap and I jumped on the opportunity because of the pay and thinking that I would like it because I love helping people. I have had several panic attacks thinking about work and everyday I dread going to work. The other night I had to ask my supervisor if I could leave because I just could not handle being there for another second. She allowed me to go home and told me to think about what I wanted to to do before I decided to quit. I have thought long and hard about whether I am making a big mistake by wanting to leave because jobs are very hard to come by, but even the money that I am making is not enough to motivate me to want to stay. I knew that it would be a difficult job and I was willing to learn as much as I could, but this is just not the job for me. I know that I have bills to pay, so I’m not going to just up and quit. I’m afraid I won’t be able to find another job soon and that I will be stuck in the position that I am in. Is good pay worth staying at a job that you hate? What should I do?

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    Don't stay in a job you hate just because it pays well. I've done that and hated every day of it. Stay there for now and look for a better job and hopefully you'll find one that pays the same as this one. If not, you can adjust your lifestyle and budget to make it work.

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    12 months ago

    The thing you have to ask is ..... if you quit and start a new job, but like your job better even after seeing your paycheck is now 75% of what it was before, are you still ok with it?

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    You quit, it is NOT worth it. I had the same dilemma and when I finally quit it was like a home rock lifted off, I wasn’t even aware how really miserable I was and how it was ruining my whole life. Another job came along and was much much better.

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    No it's not even a good reason to stay with a job you hate. For one thing, I wouldn't trust you on such an important job when you hate that work. You are much more prone to screwing up when you hate the work.

    You should be looking for something you like to do. You can job search and hold on to the 9/11 work until you get hired for a new job.

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    I’d start looking for other jobs with similar qualification standards and pay if possible. It’s not worth destroying your mental health for money. That’s how suicide happens.

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