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have you noticed that a lot of rappers or hip hop musicians that try to act ultra masculine look extremely fruity or feminine?

they always wear too much jewelry have weird expensive hair braids or hair styles, tattoo their whole bodies, wear tight wife beaters or t shirts.

some have piercings in their eyebrows noses, both ears.

guys wear designer clothes have jewelry in their teeth


its extremely ironic in my opinion that they are trying really hard to act hard, masculine and tough yet their appearance screams of a man who is more into his appearance than your average woman

Update 2:

maybe this is racist but I wonder if its influenced from the fact that many of these black guys were raised with single mothers and no father figures??

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  • 6 months ago

    it's just part of the image or style

    no need to put so much meaning to it

    the fact is that the music industry is all about personal expression, so they can get away with things like that that normal 9 to 5's can't

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