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Trolling on the Internet falls into a feminine trait, true or Not?

My Brother would troll me when He was a little Kid, it seemed like he wouldn’t stop Until I beat his ***. Then that’s when he would stop but it seemed like he enjoyed getting beat. Even tho I would tell him to stop , he continued doing it In different days

Iam glad I don’t get to be around him anymore. he was always jealous for unknown reasons. I even tried to teach him, but he didn’t believe in himself. I was always able to do different things and make it look easy , maybe that’s why he was filled with Envy/jealousy? SAD I know.

What ever you wish on others is the energy you will receive back.

It takes $0 to say Thank You or Yes Please. So why not keep vibrating at a Higher Frequency?

Thank You for your Time

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  • it's a cowardly sniveling trait.

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  • 5 months ago

    Trolling on the internet or elsewhere is low self worth.

    It's how you were brought up or the people you hang with.

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