Source of Military weapons - Australia vs Israel?

This is not a who would win...

This is simply the sources of each country's weapons.


F18 Super Hornet - USA

Oliver Hazard Perry frigate - USA

Anzac Class Frigate - Germany

Hobart Class Destroyer - Spain / USA / Australia

Collins Class Submarines - Sweden

LAV - USA/Canada

Abrams Tank - USA

Blackhawk - USA

Seahawk - USA

Chinook - USA

Tiger - Germany/ France with upgrades from the USA.

Ammunition - USA/Norway

Drones - USA/Israel


Saar Corvettes - Israel

(Only one type is from the USA)

In fact the technology that makes these small ships into a thing in naval warfare is from Israel...

As a way to solve Israel's lack of significant waterways, and severe naval restrictions because of how Israel was originally made.

The concept has since been put into use by many small countries with western thinking.

F15- USA


F-35 - USA (The F35 isn't truly American technology, it is truly the technology of the individual user countries)

Blackhawk/ Little bird / Apache / Chinook - USA

Note - Every single one of these aircraft's have, or had an Israeli made Answer, that was rejected because the USA wanted to sell us theirs...

And Every single one of these airframes are with Israeli weapons and Israeli systems in it..for use by Israel.

Merkava 4 - Israel.

The entire Mervava series - Israel.

The Tavor, the UZI, The Jericho and the Negev - Israel.

Israeli Air force UAVs - Israel.

Israeli Army UGVs - Israel.

Israeli Artillery - variety... Israel ( majority).

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  • reme_1
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    12 months ago

    This is the gay section-- not history or warfare.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    By ammunition I mean all types...

    Because of my behavior in the past on here, I'm language restricted for my own good..

    I shouldn't say all the types... By exact type.

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