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School bullies always take my backpack and empty the contents on to the floor. This really upsets me. What can I do?

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    All the hippies are going to tell you to tell a teacher or do this or kumbaya that.. But let me tell you something I learned when I was bullied. You have to stand up for yourself and make a stand sometimes. People who bully, no matter how big they look, are really weak. They are trying to compensate by picking on you to hide thier own weakness and feel tough. Pop them as hard as you can right in the face!! 1. They won't expect it 2. They will drop like a sack of potatoes or run off. Trust me, on this they ain't as tough as you think. They just haven't been stood up to because most normal people try to avoid conflict.

    On the off chance I'm wrong and you get the crap beat out of you. Trust me they will still never do it again because now they know you won't take it anymore and it won't be worth the effort. Cause even if they overcome you they will remember being popped and they won't want it again. Fighting the good fight isn't about winning or losing. Showing you are willing is enough

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    Get another kid to walk with you. If the bully has a gang with them and gets a hand on you yell TOUCHING!!!! PHYSICAL ABUSE!!! If they grab your backpack to empty it----- let them----wait till they are finished and then say THANK YOU or GEE THANKS loudly. Their trying to scare you and intimidate you because if they can crush someone down it makes them feel better. Sick, yes. But true.

    If you hit them or kick them or scuffle you will be in trouble for "fighting". Not fair. No it isnt but life is rarely fair. Do not argue with the bully or beg them to stop. The issue is to call attention to what is going on and get the attention off you and onto the bully in a negative light. Do not react physically. If the bu happen. Stay with the crowd.

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    Be loud, be very loud. Never take anything like that quietly. Being loud will draw attention to their behaviour to many, and is not the same as dobbing. Other students can report it ... and they will. Then next time, select the biggest, grab hold of, don't let go of his smallest finger and push back as if you are going to break it. Just lose your temper on him. It will embarass the hell out if him. The thing is it doesn't matter if you lose the fight but never go down without sticking up for yourself. Yes you will get in to trouble for retaliating but sometimes it is well worth it. I saw a brother take down a guy that was twice the size of him. He was angry and that anger didn't let up long after the bully had run out of steam. Yes, brother had adults drag him off the bully but that guy never bothered him again. I'm sorry this is happening to you. You have every right to be angry. Get some self defence lessons if you can as they will help build up your self esteem. 🖖

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    Put a turd in your bag

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    Have someone take a hidden video of them doing this, and then show it to the principal and/or police.

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    Be glad that they do not injure you but only your backpack.

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    Find a way to subtly pay them back quietly

    And indirectly. Put a nail under their cars

    Tire or pour pee on their chrome or wipe

    Poison ivy on their door handles and walk

    Away. No telling anyone anything and try

    Not to laugh or react to anything about

    This payback. Mind your own business

    And ignore the results of this action. No

    Pride or ego or acting like a bad A55

    If it works. Your a nobody as far as they

    Are concerned so stay a nobody in their

    Sight. Stay quiet and just do your school

    Work. Let them keep picking on you as

    Well. If you find other ways to pay them

    Back indirectly then hand another pay

    Back out to them. Gain with no attention

    Getting behavior afterwards. Stay a quiet no


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    Punch them in the face with all your strength. You'le get suspended but they will never bother you again.

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    12 months ago

    I recommend talking to a trusted teacher or staff member you know. They are always more than willing to help with those situations. If you feel able to, stand up to those and say no. Make a little scene that draws attention to you, is most bullies will stop if they have a crowed watching.

    If you can as well, travel with fellow friends or classmates you know and talk to. I'm sure if they had any sense of humanity, they would help protect you. I hope this helps.

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    12 months ago

    Punch the crap outta them

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