Can you tan under an eczema patch?

I m going through a really bad eczema flare up right now that s been going on since May. The patches have spread to almost all parts of my body. I just finished with band camp where I spent significant amounts of time under the sun. I tanned a lot. I got some pretty bad but explainable tan lines, but I also didn t tan on my eczema patches. I just wanna know if its possible that I did tan under the patches of pink skin and also if it does heal that would I have terrible tan lines?

1 Answer

  • Eva
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    You did not tan under the patches. You are going to have a very patchy tan. Eczema does not usually respond well to heat and sun. You should be wearing a very good sun block. If you are taking or using steroids for the flare, it increases your sensitivity to the sun. A flare should not last this long. If you are under treatment, you should be.

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