Can I vacum water out of my A/C unit?

My window a/c unit is dripping water all over the floor. It seems to be standing inside the unit. I know that I need to find out whats wrong with it but in the mean time can I use a wet dry vac to suck up the water that's leaking out of it.

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    4 months ago
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    Yes. You can. But have you checked to confirm that your A/C unit is tilted down towards the ground? The angle is important for proper draining.

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  • 3 months ago

    Go outside and look under your window AC unit find the drain tube and unplug the obstruction. Simple 30 second job. you don't need to vacuum it out just fine the whole outside underneath the window unit and unplug it with whatever it takes to unplug the hole

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    Some newer HVAC units have sensors that will alert you if your AC drain line is clogged so you can fix the problem before there's any water damage. If your unit isn't equipped with this technology, you'll know the AC drain line is clogged because the drain pan is full of water.

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    4 months ago

    Yes you can vacuum it out but be sure to use a wet dry vac (in wet mode of course) or a rainbow vacuum cleaner (with wet hose attached)

    And to prevent what you are experiencing belly up your window a.c., like I did mine. There should be an overflow hole, if water is caught leaking out of it then your window a.c. isn't belly up enough.

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      Agree, wet dry vac's are very helpful in such as this. Always read instructions before using.
      Good luck.

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    4 months ago

    Yes, you can vacuum it out. As you see from the answers, tilt is important. What I don't see is anyone telling you take that vacuum and shove it into the drain hole in the bottom back of the unit.

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    4 months ago

    A.C. units are to have some water in the pan. This increases efficiency. But are to drain excess water. You can clean the drain holes. tilt it back some to drain. So the water does not come over the front plate.

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    ought to be drain holes,unless clogged with dirt,or rust,

    I picked up a heavy dog old whirlpool from the alley,, did a lot of cleanup to it,,found it did not drain water properly,, took it out of the window opening,up ended it,carefully drilled 4 holes without damaging parts inside,

    a carbide tipped drill will do the job.drains nicely now.

    the unit has to be pitched. a few degrees toward outside,

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    4 months ago

    You can but there's a drainage tray in the bottom of the unit, under where the coils' condensate water gathers, and at the back of the drainage tray should be a hole leading to the outdoor portion of the unit. The water should be able to flow through that hole and if you have water dripping inside, it's almost certain that hole is blocked. Get that cleared up and that should fix your problem.

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    4 months ago

    The unit is tilted the wrong way. It is supposed to be tilted to be sloped out so that the water overflow is outside. Your unit is probably made so that the condensate water is picked up and put on the coils and evaporated with air to the outside. Improves the efficiency of the unit. On real humid days, you might have some accumulation of condensate and there should be a drip hole in the bottom of the unit to drip outside. It might be clogged.

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    You need to tilt it so it drains outside. This is normal, you just don't have it installed correctly.

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