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How to handle someone who is trying to own you and your actions?

I have a friend who keeps trying to own my success. For example, i got my licence and she says im glad you got your licence, i was worried.... im 18... its a normal ge to get one. Or i applied for a job, and again she saiys thats something she has always wanted for me.... im already in uni and doing well. She tries to predict what im going to do. Everytime i tell her to stop she makes other **** up about how she is worried about me and completely disregards my say. Im doing well and nothing has happened. So ive stopped talking to her and now she is hurassing me and everytime im near her she asks if im okay. And pushes her emotions on me... i think she has been saying stuff to my friends as well because they keep asking me to... she is very emotionaly invasiv and wont leave me alone but everytime i get angry it just gives her more amo.

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  • 9 months ago

    Sorry to say the best thing for what you got is to stay as far away as you can. Behavior like that will not stop until you do something to stop it.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Tell her you're an adult and don't need her worrying about your life. Or ask her what makes her so concerned for you because you're finding it rather disturbing. Idk, just ask her what's wrong with her because it creeps you out and you're becoming quite concerned for HER.

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