SCP-1548, "the hateful star" is not just leaving the crab nubula now, right?

I asked a question about SCP-1548 the other day and I mostly got a bunch of "it's fiction" and "you don't have to be afraid."

OK, I'm not afraid and never indicated fear, nor do I really care if it's fiction or not. Think of it as an academic thought exercise, if you will.

If we recently observed this neutron star launching itself at earth and this star was originally located 6500ly away, it actually launched itself at earth back in the times when man lived side by side with the last of the mammoths. People were just developing writing systems, and intently studying the sky, which is when the star became agitated and set out to destroy the earth.

It's estimated to be traveling at 0.85c. Doesn't that put it at a little over 1000ly away now? The pulsing threats were actually meant for the ancient Egyptians or Aztecs maybe.

BQ: Is there any possible way to stop a threat of that size, even knowing we have over 1000 years before it gets here? Is there something we can launch at it that will destroy it or at least wound it?

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  • Adam D
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    6 months ago
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    How could it have threatened the Egyptians, it wouldn't have known they existed. If it was originally 6,500 light years away, the light it received (its observations of Earth) immediately before begging its threats and movement here would have taken 6,500 years to get there, meaning they originated 13,000 years ago. We would still be thousands of years from writing systems and any attempts at serious study of the night sky. And why would we be the target of its wrath? Per SCP lore, there are lots of other inhabited planets out there, with various levels of advancement. At any given time, I'd expect one of the more advanced ones to have a number of telescopes pointed at the nebula.

    There would clearly be no way to stop anything on an astronomical scale that is moving a significant percentage of the speed of light. What would we stop it with, it's a star. Our own star is 99.86% of the mass of our solar system. Where do you think we could find enough mass to build something large enough to stop a star?

    Also, the hateful star article has been archived and replaced with a different narrative, another phenomenon has been given the designation SCP-1548. Which is probably for the best, lots of plot holes and problems with that particular article.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Its fiction nonsense it's more fiction then aliens crashing their flying saucer shaped spaceship in Roswell New Mexico in 1947.

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  • 6 months ago

    Well, it is still part of the crab nebula and is moving relative to us as are all space objects.

    At over 6,500 light years away and the lack of a blue shift means at its speed, may take millions of years to get here.

    What we know of these small pulsars is their low metalicity is like being geriatric, in their final stages of life, it may reach its own demise long before any possible threat to the solar system.

    Not sure where the 0.85c velocity came from, that is a function of electron velocity, not space objects. that would produce a blue shift that I have not heard of associated with SCP-1548.

    There are a great many objects more likely threats to us, but not anytime soon by a long shot.

    We get objects greater than 300 meters there will be no stopping them and those would be city killers.

    One recent rogue zipped by inside moons orbit radius and was unknown until mere hours before passing.

    That, just a month ago and a startling scare. Something with half the lunar's mass would be the obliteration of earth and life, that simple but would be spotted well in advance of impact. No known technology could deal with such object.

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