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Do you think I have a really serious brain problem?

Hello, A few months ago I started learning Chinese and every once in a while I would practice my Chinese characters by writing them in my imagination through my left hand and ever since I started doing that I would have to write everything I read with my left hand and it's really annoying, I can read without writing but my left-hand gets all weird and pressured if I don't write the thing I read (My left-hand gets a weird pressury feeling, It kinda feels like holding your pee but not exactly like that) I was experiencing some brain/ nerve problems due to my nose which had overgrown meat that makes the holes small but I had surgery and it got okay. While I was experiencing this read and write syndrome thingy I would play a lot of video games (to an extent where I start having headaches) and one time I was playing I got a sting like feeling on the left side of my skull it felt like a pinch and ever since then i can’t stop writing in my imagination with my left hand what had i read. Please i need some help. My parents and friends don't give a damn about it!!!

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  • audrey
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    9 months ago

    Sorry. I read every word and it still makes no sense.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Yeah your answer is longer than a giraffe’s p*nis.

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