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How should I deal with a bad busted lip?

For personal reasons I’m not going into detail on why this happened, but my lip has a really deep hole caused by my tooth after I got punched in the mouth in a fight. My teeth are fine, but one of them made a really deep hole in my lip and im worried about it not healing on its own.

It didn’t spread to the outside of my mouth or anything like that, it’s just a really big hole on my lip that’s about a couple centimeters deep. But I need to know what I need to do. Will it heal on its own or should I go get it stitched up?

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    we rarely stitch the inner mucosa and it has to be done within about 12 or so hours. Otherwise yes it will heal and not "spread" however you should take care with it and what you eat. A few centimeters would be through the face BTW, do you mean milimeters?

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      Millimeters my fault

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