Do most heroin users shot up arms, or thighs? I ask becuz a "friend" owes me, I think he used $ for H, not his "rent".?

I want to see if he shot up, recently.
Update: Make that; Shoot up. My bad. A female renter I once had years ago shot up her thighs, she Told me. I took her to Methadone treatments a couple times.
Update 2: The question isn't what's easier; it's whats most popular. Cops always on the look out for arm tracks. Thighs don't show.
Update 3: Serena; READ. He said his wife lost rent check, but I suspect from his avoidance of me he is back on Heroin. He knows if he told me, I'd never lend him a dime. If I can see tracks on his arms, that is evidence I can use to prove him a liar. And ,he might then make some payments on the debt.
Update 4: Update: Found his wife and kid, they said he was in PA. He hadn't even left them any $ for food. Said he'd be back on 23rd.. she said she Made him use the $ for the rent, as he said, Not the big "H.". lesson learned...
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