Is it possible to get a infared light to use with a camcorder to get the same effect as a infrared camcorder?

If yes can you recommend me something? I have a Bell & Howell DV50HD FUN FLIX camcorder.


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  • 6 months ago


    All modern video and cameras since the mid 1990's come with a 'hot mirror' filter on top of the sensor. Hot mirror is a IR/UV filter. That means no IR or UV light gets to the sensor. Only visible light.

    Now, there are older video and picture cameras that did not have this feature. Here people put a IR 'pass' filter over the camera lens so it only pics up IR. This is where most of the internet kiddy porn comes from - because IR will literally 'see though' the 'tan through' swimwear and all synthetic fiber shirts, skirts and dresses. Lifeguards will usually be on the look out for that IR Pass filter - its jet black and easy to spot.

    For astronomy use - you can buy modern cameras and camcorders that do not have that hot mirror - however they only sell to scientists, schools, police, and people who are astronomer photographers like I am. The UVIR camera I have cost me $1200 back in 2007 and last person to ask to buy it offered me $5K. They are not a cheap date.

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      Wow thank you for your answer.

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