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Why is the NHS mental health services failing us what can we do next?

A family memeber is really suicidal she was in hospital after taking a overdose which she was havin sezuires.. they discharged her within 12 hours because she was screaming she wanted to go home. A psychiatrist came and spoke to her and she was aggressive soo he decided to discharge her. She left and cutt her wrists. We have contacted all mental health numbers avalible no one seems intrested. Does it take people to die before they are considered for help in this country.

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    The usual reason someone is discharged following a suicide attempt without after care is because they have been diagnosed with BPD/EUPD, or it's suspected. It is disgusting because that person still needs help but the way mental health services think is that by overdosing and then being disruptive and demanding to go home they are being manipulative and trying to get sectioned. Every suicide attempt isn't seen as being serious, it's parasuicide, they like being in hospital and will be disruptive in a psych unit, running away and self harming.

    The idea seems to be to withold treatment until they die or end up in prison. I'm afraid I don't have any answers besides dumping her at a different hospital without any money (if she agrees) and tell them that she's their problem, call adult social care and demand support and call different mental health charities such as Mind and Rethink to get advice from them. If she still says that she won't interact with mental health services then her 'nearest relative' can apply for her to be sectioned. A formal mental health assessment may have a different outcome.

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    Becaue there are so may total nut jobs these days that the NHS can't cover it.

  • Tavy
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    12 months ago

    She refused ALL help from everyone. We don't take prisoners in the U.K.,

    It's her decision.

    How is the NHS failing her, they tried, she refused.

  • Pearl
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    12 months ago

    maybe you should take her somewhere else and turn them in

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