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describe a girl with libra sun, aquarius moon, cancer rising, virgo mercury, venus libra?

entire chart:

sun- libra

moon- aquarius

rising- cancer

mercury- virgo

venus- libra

mars- pisces

jupiter- virgo

saturn- cancer

uranus- aquarius

neptune- aquarius

pluto- sagittarius

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    Very intellectual and analytical, yet this is a strong nurturing empathic streak. They may do it though food, or parties. They are a real romantic, and very sensitive but try's to play calm cool and collected. Picking up others emotions are easy for this person. Broad understanding of universal concepts and giving to others, with the gemini in the 12 house. This is a person where their home must be aesthetically appealing and peace in the home is the utmost importance. Libra sun falls into the 4th house of Cancer.

    This person need to try to worry less, "analyse less" and trust their gut intuition more. Try to appreciate more and breathing short meditations to get in tune.

    All this came from looking at what you sent. I can type a book but this is good enough.

    You are speaking to an Aquarius sun, Leo moon, Cancer rising, venus in pisces and aries sun. Mars in aries.

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    good my sister is libra too

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    With Cancer rising, others see you as moody. You may seem quite shy, insecure, and super-sensitive. You give off the impression of reacting emotionally to everything, and also appear as someone who is extremely home and family loving.

    You are also intensely creative. Others see you as capable of nurturing others in a deep capacity and even if you're a man, there is this "mothering" quality to your persona.

    In matters of love, sex and dating, this Ascendant will provide comfort and security to their lover. The ability to turn a relationship into a sanctuary is unparalleled. Sex and emotions can never be separate for Cancer rising, although you can sure this is an extremely sexual sign. Still, for Cancer rising, sex is always better when it comes with love. When this Ascendant does fall in love with someone, the tender affection is an incomparable experience.

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