What Facebook do if fundraising amounts did not meet goal level before end?

Sometime when somebody having birthday, they posted to honor their birthday wishes by donated to money whatever this person choose.

Example: Amy posted her page for breast cancer charity as part of her birthday. She set amounts at 500 dollars as goal level. And deadline is two weeks.

What happen to fundraising if did not reached 500 by two weeks? Maybe reached 425.

Will Facebook gonna keep 425 for themselves? Or return all the money to several people who made donation? Or Facebook will go ahead move on and pay 425 to cancer charity even if 500 did not meet?

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  • Daniel
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    10 months ago
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    They will give what Ever they got to the Fundraiser

    • Greedy10 months agoReport

      Thanks, wanna make sure, I don't mind help Amy out thinking my money will be used for good.

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