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What cell phone is best for a 12 year old's first phone in 2019?

Is there a certain phone or plan that works best. Verizon has the best coverage in this area. This area of Colorado also has US Cellular, Sprint and Viaero. We are in a rural area where nothing else works. I've had Verizon for years and can't say much about the others.

I say a basic phone is fine, all she really needs it for is to call home and for emergencies. She wants to call and text her friends but I don't see that as being necessary. She complains it's too difficult to text on a basic phone. Should she really have a smartphone? I have a spare Moto G6 that I got a good deal on, she can have that but would it be good enough? It's a glass back phone so it's fairly fragile. Her friends have a Samsung S10 and iPhone XR. I could get her a iPhone 6+ on Straight Talk but then she's made fun of for having an older phone.

I got into trouble because I turned of the WiFi and forgot about it, so she told her teacher I unplugged her WiFi and she needed it for her school work. Her teacher stopped by the house with CPS to find out what was going on. It's my internet, I pay for it. The kid told CPS that I turn off her texting and suspend her phone for no reason. She told CPS that I told her I would buy her a phone then I didn't even get her a real phone. To me prepaid is just another way to pay for it and it works like any other phone except there is no contract I even know some adults who have tracfone $9.99 gets you 30 minutes and 30 days of service.


I have to ask the question then get her the phone I'm told to get her or she'll call CPS and report me again. I did make the mistake of promising her I would buy her a phone.

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    I also know adults that only have Trac phones. Don't let her "guilt" you into getting her something you don't think she's ready for/and can't afford.

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