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Do you believe we never owned nothing?

Now you have to think of yourself like this, there is only one you and that or those other person or other people are not you. So technically speaking you own everything if you want to claim everything as yours because your the only one alive but it is just you are more than likely not going to have the power to use everything forever

with your hands because the other people won't listen to you and follow your rules. Basically if you did this then you screwed yourself down if you want those other people to follow your rules and they don't follow your rules which means your not in control over them which in my opinion is bad because you can get hurt really badly. Now listen, everything we do could be illegal because cops can screw you down for the wrong reason in your opinion because you believed you was doing the right thing. You can't even rely off dictionaries to understand words you don't know because dictionaries are reference books and dictionaries give you the right to say what the dictionary says or dictionaries don't give you the right to say what the dictionary says. The words 'or' and 'synonym' are very evil words to us because the police can use the words 'or' and 'synonym' against you to screw you down for no reason. Cops didn't want me but cops wanted me and gave me a fleeing charge for just hoping over the muddy ditch from the public road to get to my property that was just over the muddy ditch I was hopping over, I didn't know a cop was headed my way either.

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  • Alan H
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    Those ‘other people’ are there.

    Your syntax is in need of working on

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  • 6 months ago

    You are wrong. Yes there is only one you - but there are a lot of other people around you feeling exactly the same about themselves. You can think you own everything but in reality you own nothing. Someone else owned that muddy ditch you jumped over. You owned the property on the other side - but not that particular bit. Also, WHY should anyone follow YOUR rules? What makes your rules better than anybody else's rules? You are correct. You aren't in control of anyone else - ONLY yourself. Sounds like you lost control of yourself when you were fleeing from the cops and they, legally, arrested you for being in someone else's muddy ditch. It sounds rather trivial but perhaps they wanted you for something else? It's up to you to use self-control when dealing with other people. It's the only way to get on in this hard world. Good luck

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